Today I come into His Sanctuary a bit parched. The desert can leave an incredible burn from the intense heat radiating off the landscape. All I really want to do is satisfy that thirst I have deep inside me. So I dip my feet in the pool of refreshment that only He can offer. What I really want to do is thrust my whole being into that pool, but I enter carefully, not reluctantly, but with reverence, so my spirit and mind can be renewed in the refreshing waters of His Sanctuary.

It is amazing how when you have been praying and God has done wonderful things by opening your eyes further to His unending holiness, that Death will come all ugly and gnarled to steal it all away. This Death serves up an unholy meal of fear and great discouragement. But…today I know where to go, where to be refreshed, where to immerse my myself. I enter His Sanctuary expectantly waiting to receive gifts of truth to inspire joy and hope for this day.

Hope springs eternal….and our Hope is eternal.

Clinging to the hope He offers brings me to a quieter countenance as I sit with Him in the Sanctuary a little while longer….just lingering there. I really need my gaze to be utterly fused together with His at this moment in time. I need to see what He can see about me, about this day, about this life. I so much want Him to show me just where this all ends, but for now, I just allow the coolness of His Spirit to wash over this tired and overloaded body and mind to be replenished.

I spend this time with Him….a time of restoration… and I can then respond with trust. Here there is true authenticity before God. No more walls. No more wandering. Here His mercy is  lavished so generously on me in that pool of love eternal.


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