Not Just Another Day

I awake startled… beginning anew….mine forever changed.

   Is this really it…is this happening now? I turn to Rick and tell him that my water has broken and that it is time to call the doctor and make the trek to the hospital….the same hospital where I was born on a cold winter’s day, as well. Something tells me that this is going to be an adventure all the way around!! We arrive and get settled into our birthing suite all comfy. The afternoon comes but still no baby, so I am induced. I wish I had never heard that word. My body is in constant waves of pain at regular intervals now. After what seems like a lifetime and no real progress being made, the doc says that other word that was never meant to be part of my plan…you know..the birthing plan I had ideally made up in my ideal world. You know the word…epidural. So at nine that night I am curled over waiting for an excruciating point of entry by the needle I never intended to see…ever. By 2:48am, the cutest red-headed baby boy made his grand entrance into our world.

We prayed together and we cried together. We gave him the name Richard Samuel and we dedicated him to the Lord that very day in the dark moments of the morning before the dawn. I knew that this was a special child. He had been intensely asked for on bended knee and with my whole body kissing the ground…holy ground. God answered….yes.

My father had waited there the whole time…outside the room mostly. I know he was praying and asking God for a beautiful perfect little baby boy to be born. He probably never stopped praying…that’s just who he was. I know he heard my birthing cries. I know he probably wanted to make it all stop for me…to comfort me. That is just who he was. I also know that he knew exactly how I would feel once I held that sweet baby boy to my chest and kissed his little face because he had kissed my own so long ago….that’s just who he was and is to me.

I entered the Sanctuary of God that day with a whole new way of thinking, a whole new way of being in awe of God…the author of all life…the Creator of this little baby Richard Samuel. My body was so very tired, but my spirit was so very alive. See, I know that just like my earthly father, my heavenly Father was there with me in this day. He was watching over me, protecting me and our little one. He was excited for this new journey to begin. Also, God knew just what the impact of this child would have on my life, on our lives. God kissed me that day…His child…as He leaned over me and gave me His eyes and His love for this child. That’s just who He really is and always will be…forever.


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