Every One of My Children Can

My passion. My gift. My balm to soothe. To me, playing and teaching violin transports me to another place. That place is alive, breathing the voice of my instrument, vibrating perfectly with the sound waves created. It is where I hear the Spirit speak to me so many mysteries.

This is the Sanctuary God gave me. It is my resting place in Him. Renewal comes through the very act of worshiping Him within the movement of the music. The beauty of the Sanctuary is resounding joy.

Tonight I am asked by one of my very thoughtful and gifted students about my start in music. I tell her about the early years on piano and then share with her how in upper elementary school, a music educator discouraged me from playing violinand in fact did not choose me to be a part of the strings class for the following year.

Because of my very astute mother who wasn’t about to let that happen to me, she instead put me into private lessons. I see now that God had his way in my life at that very moment. He showed me the power of a mother and father’s love for their child and their belief that indeed I could play the violin. I flourished and worked very hard. I knew I could do it and my parents supported me in every possible way.

Then, I shared with my student how in the Suzuki method of teaching that Dr. Suzuki’s whole philosophy centered around the belief that every child can play music and that I believe this with my entire being. By now, my student’s eyes are watering as I express the truth of what it means to believe that someone can truly play music when nurtured with love.

She tells me what an inspirational story this is and I see a look in her eye that tells me that I have touched something deep in her. At the door, I tell her that I am so very glad that my parents gave me the chance to develop this gift and that God had other plans in mind for me in spite of a teacher’s wrong assessment so long ago. She glances at me when I mention God’s name and I see a glimmer of hope there in her face.

Isn’t this just like you Father. You take my story and use it for you…all for you. Oh God, my God, let my stories always point to you…always!

I enter His Sanctuary with violin and bow in hand…ready. Ready to have Him give life to these strings.

I can clearly discern now how my heavenly Father believes that I can. He makes me able. He gives the power to do this for Him. The passion flows from Him and makes its way back to Him right where it all belongs.

I close the door and close my eyes tightly remembering why and Who. A sob or two escapes and I thank Him for it all. How could I not? I stand there with a flood of emotions breaking in the midst of all the ways He has ever shown me that His fingerprints have been all over me for so very long.

It is a moment of worship. A holy moment between me and my Lord…in the Sanctuary.


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