Without Apology: 7 Reasons Not to Be Ashamed of the Hard Parts of the Gospel

The gospel is the living water we all so desperately need to drink deeply of every minute of the day. It isn’t difficult to understand, really, we just make the word of God hard because it is in conflict with our fleshly desires. What if we just simply believed and took Jesus at His word? Would we experience the freedom He so graciously and generously offers to each of us in a n extremely abundant way that we may have never before lived? Yes! A resounding symphony of “yeses” is the answer. It is all there….perfectly and completely…given to you by Him as the most precious gift ever. Live in it.

Michelle Lesley


I am not ashamed of the gospel…

Romans 1:16 is such a great verse, isn’t it? And one of the things that’s great about it is that we can all agree on it. I mean, no self-respecting Christian would dream of saying she’s ashamed of the gospel, would she? It’s a rallying cry for evangelism and for standing against persecution. Of course we’re not ashamed.

In theory. But in practice?

You see, the gospel is the good news of salvation. And, while we don’t tend to share the entire Bible when we share the gospel with someone, the good news starts in Genesis with a holy God who created a perfect world, and moves on to the first people who messed everything up with their sin, a whole bunch of subsequent people who couldn’t be faithful to God and keep His Law, Christ and His redemption of sinners, and the Revelation…

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